• We Are The Definition of Events

  • We Are The Definition of Events

  • We Make Events... Tick...

  • Bridging Industries Our Way...

Think Hard For Ideas.

Notice we use the words “Work With Us” NOT “For Us!” When our competitors start to plan something they reach for a spread sheet… We come together as a team and draw a mindmap! Everyone knows that an exhibition needs an exhibition hall and stands, but our teams start by thinking about what delegates will be talking about long after the stands have been cleared away.

Passion in everything we do Passion’s the feeling you get when you share a vision – not just an idea. Wherever you work in FireWorks, you’ll be with people who’re passionate about what they can achieve when they work together.

Opportunities for you to grow And if you value people for their brains and passion as much as we do, you’ll find yourself at home at FireWorks. Once you’re with us, there’s no end of opportunities to develop your skills and see the world.

Contact us now at info@fireworksid.com to find out more about working at this fun-loving place.

“There’s an energy in the office – it’s like strong coffee”
Poontarika Saenrit, General Manager, Fireworks Media Thailand Co., Ltd., Fireworks Myanmar

“Warning! Highly addictive working environment!”
Charlyne Lee, General Manager, FBI Publications (M) Sdn Bhd

“Sometimes terrifying, but never boring!”
Lisa, General Manager, FireWorks Trade Exhibitions & Conferences, Inc. (Philippines)